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The story we tell is yours.

With a skill for snapping the needed yet unexpected, these talented Drone Photographers,  Aerial Mappers, and 3d Scanners can  create a story with their work. Whether you’re an individual looking for a single image, or a business looking for a photography/video package, or even something in 3 Dimension. Vector Drone Service can be your partner. Click on the links above to get in touch and learn more.


Skilled Drone Photographer / Aerial Surveyors

Vector Drone Services is a aerial photography, videography,  & surveying company; whose work has been used by many of the leading companies in their respective fields. We place an equal focus on understanding the needs of our clients and on collecting the perfect photo or relevant data for a project..


The owners began their drone photography journey in 2016 with the flight of their first drone and decided in 2019 to pursue it professionally. With photography that is natural, relaxed, and beautifully lit, Vector Drone Services has a calm and professional approach to each one of their projects. Minimizing risk with in the project, and preparing for the unexpected.

The owners believe that photography can be both a form of art and also an efficient means of collecting data. With a background in the civil engineering field the owners of Vector Drone Service understand the importance of deadlines and obtaining highly accurate data. We also understand that an image is the easiest form of communication, explaining a lot without saying a word. 

Be a part of our story, so we can say we are apart of yours.....

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