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Residential, Commercial, and Public Works.
General Contractors, Engineers, Municipal Officials, Architects and Landscape Architects.

At the end of every project there is a story to be told. How well you remember the facts depends on how well you took notes.  We can do even better, we can put you back on the day when the work was done. 
From preconstruction flights, to post construction marketing photos, and everything in between we can help you tell the story you have been work all season to tell!



Let us be your two-step verification

As a general contractor it is common practice to assume that the surface models and existing building features that the engineer provides you is accurate. By allowing us to fly the construction site prior to any earthwork or building remodel we can verify the accuracy of their models and give you the assurance that you are not building through their errors and spending extra money.



Material Needs

Using the DatuBIM photogrammetry processing software (the same used by North Carolina and California DOT) Vector Drone Services can provide exact stockpile quantities for a fraction of the cost with the better accuracy than traditional ground based mapping. We then provide you with a volume report and map showing the exact location the stockpile measurements are referencing. There by letting you know what is on site, where it is, and what may be needed.

Stock Piles_edited_edited.jpg


How Much

Measurements of pipe, poured concrete, installed retaining wall and more can be easily ascertained. Don't worry about pulling out the tape measure on while on site.  With our rectified images you can do the measuring in the office while noting what has been measured.  This allows anyone to understand how you came up with the quantities. It is no longer your word against theirs.



How far along

Quickly relay progression information to all stakeholders. There is no reason to waste your time juggling your schedule to make costly site visits when we are on your team. Flights can be taken before, during, and after. Progression video and photographs can be taken on a periodic basis of your choice, though most choose weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. Some choose to fly prior to pay applications, lending to a greater ability to fight any disputes about quantities.
We can also compare volumes, measurements and project completion percentages between flights and to the final design. This gives you the information to stay on top of your project from start to finish.



Everything in its place

As your partner in the project we can sync the design to the construction. First we import the cad line work and surface models into our software from design, then because our images are rectified to the site's local coordinate system we can make a direct comparison between what was intended and what has been constructed.
This gives the contractor, engineers, inspectors, and stakeholders a confidence in what is being built.



Old made new again

Let us partner with you from the beginning. We can make photo acquisition for prerenovation conditions up close and personal. Then convert those photos into workable data to highlight issues that need attention and design against. Then let us document the final rennovations for project

Image by Georgia de Lotz
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