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Rural Village


Residential, Commercial, and Public Works.
General Contractors, Engineers, Municipal Officials, Architects and Landscape Architects.

We can provide or capture 
Ortho-mosaic Maps, Contour Surfaces, Landscape Maps, Roof & Mechanical Conditions, Building Facades, and Building Interiors for your design needs. 
Clients have seen a 50% reduction in collection time needs compared to traditional data collection work flows. Allow your employees to do the things they are good at, while we do the things we are good at. Your employees can collect specific data such as inverts, floor heights, and type and material data while we collect the meta data.  In the end you will have better information to make more well-informed decisions, while creating a more efficient use of your limited resources, your people.


Not sure whether the project is a go?

Allow us to fly an area of interest prior to deciding. We can efficiently collect information so you can make the most important decision for you clients....     Deciding whether the project is a go.
With our aerials you can confidently measure and access the areas needing repair. You can also convey to stakeholders why the project needs to go forward. As you know, many of the decision makers (especially in municipal works) never actually see the site. They go off the recommendations of others. By using our aerials you get buy in because they can see and access the problems themselves.



Raising expectations

Using the DatuBIM photogrammetry processing software (the same used by North Carolina and California DOT) Vector Drone Services can provide sub-inch horizontal and vertical accuracies on Ortho-mosaic images and contour surface models. Sites ranging in size from under an acre to 150 acres+ are right in our wheel house.



Perfectly Aligned

Using the DatuBIM photogrammetry processing software Vector Drone Services can create ortho-mosaic images that are aligned to local coordinates with sub-inch horizontal accuracies. Use for preliminary measurements and client engagement. Our images can clearly relay the need for a project to all parties concerned.

Urban Gardens


Living with the results

We have the ability to capture low level flights of the vegetation for landscape design. Fly throughs along paths, flights below tree lines, and mapping above tree and roof lines can give a complete understanding that needs to be landscaped. Coupled with our topographic, ortho-mosaic and 360 image capture you will have a complete sense of how the space should be designed.

Court Yard


Always running

Don't put your employees in dangerous positions, let us put our drones there (literally inches from the subject). With the ability to capture both Color Images(RGB) and thermal readings we can quickly collect information vital for determining if mechanicals are running properly or if wear and tear have made it time to replace them. With these reading we can also determine possible water damage and roof soft spots that may go undetected by a walk over inspection.

City View from Above_edited.jpg


Ready. Steady. Click.

Using cutting edge drone technology we can now capture every square inch of a building. Now in Beta Testing, we are producing point clouds (.las files) of the building faces, roof, and mechanicals, making hand measurements above ground level unnecessary. No longer worry if you collected all the measurements in the field, because we have you covered. Just pull up the point cloud in your favorite software and measure what you need.

Image by Georgia de Lotz


Filling the Frame

Currently we are using 360 cameras to create 360 walk throughs and virtual tours of existing buildings, to collaborate with stake holders on project scope and go over preliminary issues. Now In beta testing we are using 360 cameras and Drones image to create interior building point cloud models for construction planning and design.

Church Interior
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