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Drone Photography

Images are worth way more then a 1000 words.

Whether you are the main character or something else is, add a view from the sky to help show people the full story. Aerial photography of a personal event - may it be a birthday party, sporting event, a special day or just a moment. A view from above always creates an impression people are slow to forget.


Drone Video

Capture your moments live.

Still photography is a great way to nostalgically remember a moment. But if you are like some of us a little forgetful, capture the whole moment and watch it over and over! Who doesn't like the movies. 

With drone video we can get angles of events most can not. from directly above, or slightly elevated it is a whole different feel then your old home videos. Connect with us to attend your event, and we will create something you will cherish for years.


One Story ends ...... So another can begin.

You understand the value of your property  Let us help you convey that value to to the next owner with that one-in-a-million picture,  video, or 3D tour.

Our secret to getting incredible shots is our experience and meticulous approach combined  with your knowledge and expertise of your home .  When it comes to capturing a great property like yours we make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.   Let us help you start the next chapter in your life request now.

3D-Images & Video

Immerse yourself in your story

Our 3-dimensional captures and walk throughs can place you right back in the moment. For first time walking through your new house, family get togethers, sporting events, and more.

This specialty of Vector Drone Service, is a must-have if you’re looking to take full advantage of our photography skills and professionalism. A new standard is being set in the real estate and construction fields and we can meet that standard.

2021_12-28_Tiny World_Snow Driveway.jpg

Farmstead Images

Home sweet Home

We love agriculture families and the beauty of the Midwest farm. No matter what time of year there is magnificent scene to be captured.  Vector Drone Service has the tools to make that happen. We have captured farm scenes for seasonal, bi-annual, and annual packages, as birthday gifts, to sell, and unfortunately to document the end of a multi-generational farm. Let us help you tell your story.

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